The Call of Duty 4 Advantage Tool for Mac OS X 10.7+
A COD4 multitool for Mac players with virtually hundreds of functions. First of its kind for Mac. Better than ever!
Top features includes: level 55 easy account generator, permanent UAV, no recoil, anti-spread, sv_cheats bypass and many more...

First of its Kind
Never before thought possible on macs.


Mac users have been ignored whilst Windows, X-box and PS3 users have had thousands of cheats and tools available to them.

Until now.'s your turn!

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Made for Mac OS X 10.7+
Mac users are neglected no more...


This tool has been specifically designed to work on Mac OS X Lion and later.

Since 2013 we've added support for all the latest game versions we could find, including the App Store, Steam, and retail versions of the game.

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Rich in features!
The tool to keep you one step ahead!


This multi-tool is packed with features. From potential performance boosts, to permanent UAV, to disabling recoil on all weapons! And this...isn't everything!

Follow the link for a more detailed overview of the multi-tool's features...

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The tool is designed for Mac users by Mac users. It's easy to use and easy to set up.


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